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Autor Tema: [Lista] Acceso rápido a funciones de MWS  (Leído 2930 veces)
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« : 19 Marzo 2008, 16:59:55 »

Lista de acceso rápido:

ctrl-left click - add 1 pt of damage to a target (creature or player)
ctrl-right click - remove 1 pt of damage to a target (creature or player)
ctrl-shift left click - put the name of card in the chat box

right-click drag and drop - draw a red arrow (to show targeting)
shift-right drag and drop - draw a yellow arrow (to show blocking)
shift-left drag and drop (from somewhere to play) - play a card face down
shift-left drag and drop (from somewhere to library) - put card to bottom of library (if without shift - on top library)

double click 'untap phase' (in your turn) - untap all permanents and move to the next step
double click 'draw phase' (in your turn) - draw a card and move to the main phase

ctrl-d - draw a card
ctrl-alt-d - draw card from bottom of library
ctrl-r - undo last draw
ctrl-u - untap all permanents
ctrl-s - shuffle library
ctrl-t - create token dialog
alt-t - create first token from predefined list
ctrl-f - flip a coin
ctrl-i - roll a die
ctrl-m - take a mulligan
ctrl-d - duplicate card
ctrl-l - Set Life
ctrl-e - take an extra turn
ctrl-enter - end turn
ctrl-e - take extra turn
ctrl-space - next phase/step
[ctrl/alt] + ['-'/'='] - change [P/T]; '=' raises. '-' lowers.
shift+enter - set note to card(s)
f11, f12 - add/decrement life
f2 - new game dialog
alt-enter - Full Screen mode
alt-d - duplicate selected item
alt-a - declare selected items as attackers
alt-b - declare selected items as blockers
shift-enter - set note for selected item
ctrl-o - set counters for selected item
ctrl-del - sacrifice selected item
ctrl-p - sets power/toughness
ctrl-r - undo draw

Algunos Consejos:

Tutor effects: Right-click your library, select "My Library...", find your card. If you need it to be hidden and put back to library or somewhere else (Vampiric, etc), shift-drag it into play (face-down), close/shuffle your library, drag the card where it needs to go. Else, just drag it into play or where it needs to go.

Searching Top X cards (Sensei's Top, Aven Mindcensor, etc): Double-click your library and enter the appropriate number.

Revealing cards to opponents: Use the Show tab at the top. Select the appropriate one. Do NOT drag them into play. This shows them onto the chat. This is to help you if it becomes relevant since they are forced to remember your hand. Most of your opponents will close your hand, so they aren't able to use the information later.

Personalized Automatic Messages: These are the "End my turn" "Ok" "Wait!" buttons. You can create your own by clicking the [...] to the bottom-right of the text box.

Auto win: For those of you who aren't quite familiar with the rules of Magic and need a little help, this command will let you see your opponent's hand and lets you start your life at 40. Just press alt+f4

Todo extraído de aquí

Un saludo
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« Respuesta #1 : 19 Marzo 2008, 22:47:32 »

Para triunfar del todo di como pongo +1/+1 a la velocidad del rayo (que lo he visto hacer) que pierdo tiempo a piñon con los trituradores rulrales  Sonreir

ctrl d es robar, duplicar es alt d
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I do not teach. I simply reveal.
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« Respuesta #2 : 20 Marzo 2008, 12:47:56 »

[ctrl/alt] + ['-'/'='] - change [P/T]; '=' raises. '-' lowers.
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« Respuesta #3 : 26 Enero 2010, 20:56:21 »

Con el Alt Gr subes o bajas P y T a la vez.

Alt Gr  +   -> Sube
Alt Gr  -   -> Baja
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a.c.c. AM3N

« Respuesta #4 : 26 Enero 2010, 23:05:07 »

Hombre, llegas con 2 años de retraso, pero gracias.
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